Yes, there are other costs related to building and maintaining your website that you will be personally responsible for when we begin our project together.

Domain Name – This is your web address and it is a requirement. They run on average about $12 per year depending on where you purchase them.  This is a fee you will need to renew annually, and if you choose to wait till our planning process to purchase your hosting, can come free for the first year if you choose hosting through the hosting company I work with.

Hosting – I tell all my clients this is where your site "lives" online. Hosting can run between $60 to $120 per year and will need to be renewed annually.  I do give my clients the option to get it themselves or to have me set it up for them.  If you choose the hosting company I like to work with, your new domain is free.

Licensing – Depending on the needs of your website, there may be licensing requirements for themes or plugins. Some are a one-time purchase while others may require an annual renewal. I will discuss these with you if it’s determined you need licensing.

Projects are booked on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re ready to move forward and reserve a spot on our schedule, a $100 or 15% project total(whichever is greater if we have a total at this point) non-refundable retainer is collected.  You can start this process by paying the retainer fee here.  When we start your project, we will send you the contract for your review and signature, as well as an invoice for 50% of your project cost (less the $100 or 15% from your initial deposit).

We don’t offer “packages.” Each solution we offer is custom to our client’s needs whether they sit with us and tell us what their vision is or they create a custom pack online. When we meet with our clients, we start with learning about the long-term goals of the site and what exactly the client wants out of it.  We ask about the audience and what attracts them. Once we understand that, we master the art of design and create a website we know our client will fall in love with.

We let all of our clients know that we are not like other agencies that focus 80% on bringing in new clients and 20% on current clients. We hold a certain number of spots(which is why we ask for a retainer) so that we can keep our focus on designing. The speed of product completion depends on how quickly we can get the information we need. If we let a client know we need high resolution images and the client still has to book a photoshoot, for example, can cause the process to be longer. So, because of this, every project is different. But what we can tell you, is that we spend 8 hours a day, six days a week working on our projects to make sure they reach completion in a reasonable time. If we receive all of the resources we need from the client at the start of the project, we usually complete a project in 14-30 days.

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